The global financial crisis in 2007 broke to certain extent the dominance and persuasiveness of the neoliberal paradigm and its advocacy for a minimal state and opened the room to new policy approaches. Our research group contributes to the analysis of contemporary forms of state activism and the emergence of a possibly new economic paradigm relevant for a growing number of LMICs. Read more » 

The long-lasting debate about good governance illustrates the difficulty for LMICs of implementing effective governance, rule of law or fighting corruption, in order to assess the potential success of state-activist measures, the GEE applies a performance-oriented governance framework. The analysis is centered on specific state governance performances that can be distinguished on three levels. Read more» 

Emerging economies differ in their specific historic, political and economic conditions. The specific institutional solutions may differ accordingly. Following the understanding of institutions as rules that constrain social behavior GEE puts institutions into the centre of its analysis. The project is dedicated to investigating the varieties of solutions and detecting institutional equivalents for commonly-shared economic policy challenges in LMICs. Read more »