1st GEE Dialogue with Experts: Tbilisi 

On April 8, 2017 Governance in Emerging Economies held its 1st Experts in Dialog workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia. Hosted by the Tbilisi State University, the workshop gathered high-ranking state officials, academics and policy consultants on economic policy and industrial development around a table in a discussion of the current challenges and prospects for industrial policy in Georgia. The workshop proved to be a fruitful platform to share knowledge, exchange views and perspectives, build research networks and strengthen effective cooperation with local academics and policy-makers.


In the course of the workshop, after a warm welcome from our partners (Temur Beridze and Davit Sikharulidze), GEE took a chance to introduce the research activities of the project (presented by the team leader Christian Timm) and to outline the governance and state performance framework which is a central concept for the research group (presented by GEE academic director Joachim Ahrens). In the first round of talks, the floor was given to academics, who introduced their research findings on the necessity of industrial policy in Georgia and challenges for its implementation (Giorgi Gaganidze, TSU and Mikheil Tokmazishvili, TSU). In the second round of discussion, local policy-makers spoke out on the successes and bottlenecks in making industrial policy in Georgia work (Otar Antia, Head of Department of Entrepreneurship Development Enterprise and Nugzar Kachukhashvilli, Head of Industrial Development Group). The workshop was concluded by a round-table discussion on the prospects of industrial policy in Georgia and emerging opportunities for further close collaboration of the Governance in Emerging Markets team with Georgian policy-makers (discussion moderated by GEE academic director Herman Hoen and Professor Temur Beridze, TSU). 

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2nd GEE Dialogue with Experts: Berlin

The GEE Berlin 2017 conference hosted a discussion round with a Member of Parliament, policy-makers, representatives of German developmental agencies and experts on overseas industrial policy. The questions on the table asked whether industrial policy can contribute to sustainable social and economic development and how German development cooperation supports industrialization in emerging economies. This comprehensive and heated discussion, skilfully steered and moderated by Professor Herman Hoen (University of Groningen), featured inputs from Mr. Klaus Barthel (MP of Social Democratic Party (SPD) and Mr. Andreas Beckermann (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on the policy-making side, and Professor Helmut Asche (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) and Professor Hansjörg Herr (Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin (HWR) from academia. The valuable contributions from all the experts allowed the conference participants gain a broader picture of German stance towards industrial policy in development cooperation and the overseas projects currently supported by development agencies.



3rd GEE Dialogue with Experts: Almaty


On April 19 the GEE team hosted the 3rd GEE Dialogue with Experts Workshop. The goal of the workshop 'Kazakhstan's Industrial Policies: Encouraging Innovation and Diversification', which took place at KIMEP University, was to take scope of Kazakhstan's experiences on its industrialization trajectory. Invited speakers were representatives of state agencies, research institutes and independent consulting firms.


In the main panels of the workshop, presentations focused on the achievements of Kazakhstan's industrialization efforts, on the search of opportunities for economic upgrading, the role of experimentation in industrial policies of Kazakhstan, as well as the contribution of the service sector to economic restructuring. Other topics raised in the discussion included the impact of regional policies in addressing regional disparities; export promotion strategies; and the role of the financial sector as a building block of economic transformation.


The workshop concluded with a Q&A session and a roundtable discussion which revolved around the perspectives of Kazakhstan's industrial upgrading and an examination of the key challenges faced by an emerging economy that aspires to build a strong industrial basis and integrate into global value chains.


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