This summer the GEE research group was selected to participate in the annual conference of SASE, which chose the city of Lyon, France for its 2017 meeting. Titled “What’s next? Disruptive/Collaborative Economy or Business as Usual?” this conference featured as many as over 600 participants from all over the globe including experts, academics and young researchers on various topics. Including several mini-conferences and organized in thematic networks, this conference offered each participant an opportunity to discover his/her area of interest and communicate with scholars from the same or adjacent discipline.

In this SASE Conference, GEE research group joined the network of Asian Capitalisms with its panel on “State-business relations in emerging economies. How state forms partnership for economic development”. Within this panel session, the team members presented their individual and joint research projects and shared preliminary findings with the public. The team participants used this chance to obtain comments, constructive feedback and suggestions for future research and, therefore, found this exchange very fruitful.

Besides presenting their own research, the GEE team enjoyed the possibility of attending numerous sessions, paper and book presentations where authors put forward their arguments, hypothesis and research findings and invited participation from audience. Events like gala dinner, networking cocktail and breakfast for Asian scholars provided additional venue for informal exchange of ideas and research opportunities.